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Harvey Zielinski August 2019 by Sophie Capern


Harvey Zielinski talks Don’t Look Deeper and representation with Film Ink

The Casting Guild of Australia 2018 Rising Star Winners are announced

Harvey talks to The Age about being a Heath Ledger Scholarship top ten finalist

Harvey Zielinski’s interview with The Age on Hir by Taylor Mac at Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre, gender and male privilege.

Harvey discussing Hir on ABC’s The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine

Harvey discussing Hir on ABC’s The Drawing Room with Patricia Karvelas

A highlight for me was Harvey Zielinski… a beautifully distilled account of forming one’s identity, where what was left unsaid sang loud.” 

– ArtsHub (Gender Euphoria) 

“Zoe Boesen and Harvey Zielinski are a riot”

– Time Out (Suddenly Last Summer)

“A joy to watch”

– Time Out 

“Zielinski hovers quite perfectly between confidence and uncertainty”

– In Review 

“His performance is remarkably complicated…”


“A dignified performance with heart and dimension”

– Theatre Press 

“Remarkable work…”

– Australian Arts Review 

“The most intense moment is Zielinski’s achingly vulnerable attempt to describe what transitioning to a man was like…”

– The Age (186,000)

“The lead actors are all fantastic, especially Zielinski as Coal… (His) performance as a betrayed best friend is an exceptional one…”

– Cinema Australia (Zoe.Misplaced)